Breath of Fresh Air

By: Rachael Picazo

Monday can’t come quickly enough.  Seriously, I mean it!  It’s the one evening in the week where I get to ditch all my responsibilities, grab my horn, head to the rehearsal room, and join a bunch of fantastic musicians in creating and perfecting masterpieces of music with our brass and percussion instruments.

If you haven’t been to one of our concerts yet, you are missing out!  The resounding crescendos that emanate from these talented folks as they transform little black music notes into a song – a story – will take hold of your soul and take you on a journey.  We may recount an oldie that conjures up memories of your first date back in high school.  Or we may perform a piece written to commemorate you important soldiers who served in our Armed Forces.  Perhaps it’s a favorite Carol that brings you back to being a child on Christmas Eve, anxiously awaiting the moment when it was time to turn off the lights and ignite the candles, and just revel in the beauty of it all.  We might thrill you with a completely modern piece that takes your musical attention and whisks it away to parts unknown!  Whatever is on our repertoire, and wherever you are on your walk in this life, your mind will be stretched, your heart will be touched, and your soul will be fed!

This is my breath of fresh air (pun intended).  What’s yours?  Do you have a passion in your life which lets you escape?  Find it and make it part of your reality!  If you’re not sure yet, maybe it will reveal itself to you as you experience our music!


About the author:

Rachael Picazo fell in love with music at a young age and picked up the flute in 7th grade.  As a freshman, she learned the truth: Brass instruments are superior to woodwinds, so at the suggestion of her band director, switched to French Horn.  She never regretted it (except for that year she had braces)!  Although she minored in music in college, she graduated with an Accounting degree.  Together with her husband and four children, Rachael calls Fort Wayne home.  As a CPA, she operates her own business, servicing many area small businesses in the accounting and tax arenas.  She spent 5 years with the Fort Wayne Community Band, but for the past two years has been a member of the Old Crown Brass Band, playing the E flat tenor horn.  Maybe next she’ll attempt the tuba.

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